Sony’s Howard Stringer confirms Honeycomb tablet in US


Ready to taste a sweet Honeycomb  tablet with a Sony twist? You’d  better be — Japan’s Nikkei is quoting  Sony chief executive, Sir Howard  Stringer, saying that the company’s f  first Android 3.0 tablet will be on  sale by the end of summer. Better  yet, it’ll pop for retail in the US first,  according to the report. This lines  up nicely with the reported  September launch of a PlayStation  Certified Tegra 2 “S1” tablet featuring  a 9.4-inch display and unique “wrap”  design that we first told you about  back in February. Or will it be the S2 clamshell? Who knows, Howard isn’t saying. The new tablet tattle was apparently uttered at the same event where Howard spilled the beans about Apple’s plan to use Sony sensors. Come on Howie, quit the teasing and just come out with it you saucy Welsh minx.


Sony told Japanese site AV Watch that it will release the tablet before the end of this year. It’s unclear if the comment relates to the domestic Japanese model or if it’s meant to temper expectations after the company’s rogue CEO spoke out of turn. Regardless, it’s coming.



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