Keyboardless HP webOS phone leaked?


A new HP webOS handset appears to have been leaked, and this time it looks like something’s missing. Read on for more details.

You probably associate the likes of the Palm (now HP) Pre and Pixi with BlackBerry-style Qwerty keyboards. That’s assuming you’ve heard of Palm and its innovative webOS – the devices have never quite achieved the sales they deserved.
Now that HP’s bought Palm out, though, it seems a subtle change of focus has taken place. Exhibit one: this freshly leaked webOS handset with – shock horror – no Qwerty keyboard attached.
With the HP Pre 3, HP Veer and HP TouchPad tablet already revealed, there are still a couple of HP codenames floating about that could be attributed to this mystery device. Could this be the Stingray? How about the Windsor? Whatever it is, it appears to have a similar screen size to the HP Pre 3 (an iPhone-like 3.5-inch number) and a front-facing camera for video calls.
That’s about it for info. Does it look like the genuine article to you? Is a webOS device without a keyboard kind of missing the point? Let us know below.


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