5 New Apple iPhone 4S Features

With the increasing competition and drastically changing technology all mobile phones company try to launch new phones more often and with many advanced features like better technologies, better software, better applications, various games and many more improved features. Similarly apple recently launched its new iPhone 4S with no different looks than iPhone 4 but definitely improved and better features.

1.Video Recording

The color and the light is just perfect to shoot an amazing 1080p HD video .No shaky shots with video stabilization and you can edit the video directly and share it with your friends.

2. iOS 5

iOS 5 advancements make it easier for you to operate the phone. iOS 5 fine brings to iPhone 4s 200 brand new and improved features like- Improved Notification center, imessage , twitter integration, reminders and many more.

3. Dual-Core A5 Chip

Upto two times more power is delivered by two cores in A5 chip and you will feel that graphics are upto seven times fast, Its quick and responsive ,web browsing, gaming and downloading apps gets easier. It has an outstanding battery life and the A5 chip is power efficient.


Siri makes life easier for you. You just need to talk to him like a human and all your work is done in seconds. It just acts like your Personal assistant-sends messages, makes schedules etc. Works with English, German and French.

5. iCloud

iCloud stores everything for you -your music, pictures, apps, mails, calendars, documents etc. It’s automatically transfers all your data to your device effortless.



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